Founder Bio

          Hey, my name is Giovanny. I'm 27 years old, currently building my home in Southern California where my wife, son and I live and I've had a passion for gaming ever since I could remember. I remember the Sega Genesis' games being the first games I would play frequently. I've been a gamer ever since and it's through the lens of talented developers where I find my appreciation for gaming. I also have a passion for cinema but video games have been a way to express my creative thoughts. I've even created a video game on the PC called Rat Race 3000. When I first played Halo CE I found I had a natural talent at FPS that would improve as I got older. I liked the competitive nature of playing other real players and being able to hold my own. During 2010 I really started to looked for ways to improve my skill and I became a try hard. I spent tons of time practicing techniques that would give me an edge over other players. I joined my first competitive clan called Death Dealers back when Battlefield 3 was the newest entry in the series. Even though I ran GBs in Death Dealers, it wouldn't be until I joined FILO during Battlefield Hardline that I understood the professional gaming scene on a deeper level. Those days of competitive gaming have passed for me but I understand the urge to be great at something you love to do.